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Joseph Lauren Part 2: Post-custody Employment Challenges and Solutions

Episode Summary

After a high-profile conviction for insider trading, finding employment after custody was a challenge for Joseph Lauren. He was handicapped both by a criminal record and a significant presence on google searches. This led to a change of name, starting his own consulting company, and "Collared" a documentary about his crime. Joseph shares with us his journey to earn a living, experiences in prison, and advice for others on how to make it after prison.

Episode Notes

This episode raises some interesting issues:

a. what is the best strategy for addressing the fact of a criminal record when dealing with a prospective employer: mention it up front or wait to be asked?

b.  given the prejudicial effects of a criminal record, should Canada adopt 'right to be forgotten' approaches with social media?

c.  given the challenges of finding an employer, should more efforts be made to help former prisoners start their own businesses and be self-employed?

Check out the documentary "Collared" for more information about Joseph's crime and lessons learned.